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Master The Art of the Pivot

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The Pivot Muse Podcast

The Pivot Muse hosted by Natina Marie brings to you curated stories and offers advice from global professionals on making one of life’s most important decisions – the pivot.

Real, raw, and relatable conversions about life and career transitions.

Guests share personal journeys, providing invaluable advice on self-awareness, financial empowerment, and navigating the complexities of work, life, and relationships. The podcast embraces the concept of "life math" and life hacks, aiming to equip listeners with tools to embrace change, face challenges, and find inspiration in unexpected places.

The show opens with a scripted short series that follows a teenage girl from a humble family in upstate New York as she embarks on a comedic journey to get a record deal and live in Atlanta during the vibrant 90s era.





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Meet Natina Marie

Natina Marie Hill is a dynamic creative storyteller and seasoned business consultant, known for guiding entrepreneurs and executives toward profitability. With expertise in AI and automation integration, she offers a unique blend of business acumen, technical skills, and content creation prowess. With a rich educational background and a 25-year entrepreneurial journey, Natina is the CEO of Hill Consulting Firm. As the Founder of PenHaus Media, she writes, directs, and executive produces film and TV projects, while also celebrating Black women through her melanin muse® content network. With The Pivot Muse, Natina Marie curates stories and offers advice from global professionals on making one of life’s most important decisions – the pivot.


Master The Pivot

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Pivot & Profit

Discover 'Artificial Intelligence For Non-Techies,' the first in a series of how-to guides designed for entrepreneurs and creatives seeking to harness AI for business success.



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